6 Temmuz 2010 Salı

Reading the Torah Out Loud

"I am reading the Bible, page by page." Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Bulduğuma pek sevindiğim kitaplardan. Söylediklerini de sevdim söyleyişini de.

"Recently, Norman Finkelstein, a professor of political science and a Jewish critic of Israeli policies toward Palestinians, referred to reflection on the Holocaust as an industry. In this industry, certain assumptions about Jewish suffering are codified and promulgated as an ideological and political package. Jews are seen as perpetuallyinnocent and suffering, evenas the Holocaust industry itself belies incredible power. It also seeks to hide the culpability of Jews in present time. In Finkelstein's view, the presentation of the Holocaust to Jews and the world is not about the Holocaust at all.Rather, it is about the projection and protection of Jewish and Israeli power beyond the norms of accountability, criticism, and sanction."

"For most of today's Jews, and also for many non-Jews, to name Auschwitz is to name Israel as well. The connection between the two -Auschwitz leading to Israel, and Israel justified by Auschwitz- is assumed, a recognition that needs no explanation."

"We learned that our Jewishness was precious, that we had the history that predated America, that we were special and different from others."

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